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The opening of the largest bar in Newfoundland!

On the Great Northern Peninsula, Thirsty’s was opened on December 31st, 2003. The lounge and bar was renovated from a previously used school and was an instant hit with the locals. Thirsty’s was a frequent destination for snowmobilers during the winter and early spring months and quickly became a popular gathering place for outdoor enthusiasts. Popular events with the locals include video dances, sporting events (such as the NHL playoffs), live concert videos, darts leagues, and weddings.

Thirsty’s has the largest lounge in Newfoundand with a High Definition (1080p) digital projector and massive video screen (28 feet diagonal) that cannot be found anywhere else in the province.

Over the years, Thirsty’s lounge has employed over 40 people from the local area, making a significant boost to the local economy.